Industrial Design Center
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Inge Defour | Project Manager
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Industrial Design Center is an open knowledge center and a communication platform between the industry and the education, research and development programs of the Howest and Ghent University in Kortrijk, Belgium. It works in close association with the professional bachelor Industrial Product Design and the academic master Industrial Design Engineering. The center aims to be an authority on high & low end prototyping, lighting, creativity, sustainability, UCD and materials & connections. Every research project implements the ‘research through design’ philosophy.
The synergy between industry and education leads to a materialization of academic research results and to open services towards companies, SMEs and independent designers. Industrial Design Center continually aims to set up multi-disciplinary projects at the request of businesses and has state-of-the-art equipment available for use. Industrial Design Center always tries to stay on top of evolutions in the field of industrial product design and is at your disposal to share its expertise.

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The fields of research described in this IDC magazine are mainly demanddriven. In other words they involve applied research. Let us know which research subjects interest you. There are many possibilities for collaboration.

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We maintain many different site, connected to our different fields of reserach. We also promote our Bachelor program Industrial Product Design and showcase our Alumni.
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