Methodes, tools and strategies for form analysis and form development

IDC product designers work with companies or organizations that make or offer physical products. In this process we translate the needs of the customer, of the users and of the environment into products and a design language that make the biggest possible impact.


Design processes, strategy and research are tools that enable us to create better products for the world of tomorrow. Insight into human behavior and human nature makes it easier for designers to make decisions and to anticipate the future.


With this research we want to focus on the perception and values ​​that users experience and/or link to products. The emphasis is on the form and how this can lead to or influence emotions, actions and potential behavioral changes.


The goal is to develop methods, tools and strategies to perform both form analysis and initiate form development.


Behavior models, future visions and form iteration techniques are all tools and methods to gain more insight into the current user perception and that of tomorrow. Through co-creation and hands-on workshops, we develop design languages ​​with specific goals that connect to the desired users.

PWO (Howest) - Vorminzicht

01/02/2017 - 29/04/2020


# human & sustainabaility driven innovation


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