"‘Value-driven student career plan: the key to sustainable employment’"

The project "Value-driven student career plan: the key to sus-tainable employment" aims to make students aware of their own choices for sustainable careers already (early) during their careers. During this research project, we're looking at how students can make more sustainable career choices.

Research shows that almost one in two employees is already looking for another job within the year. In this respect, own polls in our universities of applied sciences show that the majority of students do not consider the training and employment support to be sufficiently well managed by the university.

There are also huge differences in the disciplines at the universities of applied sciences, whether and how students are prepared to make a good choice for a traineeship or a later job. The surveys also show that students are not sufficiently aware of the possibilities of building their own company or becoming a freelancer.
With this research project, we want to combine digital value applications with the existing expertise within the Howest and Odisee Universities of Applied Sciences, around values and context and test them to deliver a professional, innovative service. 


Howest and Odisee receive EUR 119.999,99 from the European Social Fund, EUR 119.999,99 from Flanders.


ESF - Value-driven student career plan: the key to sustainable employment

01/01/2020 - 31/12/2021


# prototyping & technology materialisation