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"Polymer recycling"

The use of plastics in daily products is under pressure. On the one hand, the raw materials are exhaustive, also in this sector. On the other hand, products made from plastics generate a lot of waste. The use of plastic recyclate is not obvious given the loss of quality due to chemical deterioration and contamination. 

During this project we go through 3 essential phases towards a more sustainable process:

1. identification and material characterization

2. chemical purification of recyclate

3. custom design rules of plastic recyclate products

We take into account a number of “future scenarios”: What if the legislator imposes on companies the use of more recyclate? What if virgin and recycled material become scarce?
What if new products have to be made from 100% recyclate? What if plastic recyclate products require different design rules to produce

Within the project IDC's research focuses on 3D printed plastic injection molds as a way to produce high-quality small series.
Mold design iterations are faster to implement compared to conventional injection molds.




01/05/2019 - 30/04/2021 

# prototyping & technology materialisation



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